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Hi, I'm Kirsty! I have worked in weddings since the age of 20 and always knew that this was the industry I wanted to work in. Helping to give couples the perfect wedding day in celebration of their genuine love for one another is something that just brings me so much joy. I have worked as a Wedding Coordinator at venues across Sussex, which means that I have a deep understanding of the

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logistics from the venues perspective and the information that they will require, meaning there will be a seamless transition and smooth running on the day as I liaise with them. My expertise is very much in meticulous attention to detail, which is absolutely vital when it comes to wedding planning. 

My approach is to create a real relationship between myself and every couple that I work with. We will be going through the process together, so it is essential that we really get to know one another and trust that we are working on the same vision for your big day! The bond that is built between us is incredibly important and I want you to know that I will put my all into ensuring that your wedding day is unique, gorgeous  and beautifully memorable. There is every possibility you will catch me shedding a tear at your ceremony - I must admit that I am a hopeless romantic and the 'I do's' get me every time! 

My own personal beliefs and view of the world have also shaped the ethos which I take into my wedding planning. I am conscious of my impact on this planet in various ways, including following a vegan lifestyle, meaning that Coordinated by Kirsty is a certified Vegan Founded business. My veganism also lead me to 

launch Love of All Weddings in 2018 - an online directory of eco friendly, ethical and vegan wedding suppliers. I aim to make it easy for couples to have a conscious wedding; you can find out more about this in my Sustainability Ethos. I love to work with like minded couples and prove that a wedding day can still be elegant, sophisticated and glamorous whilst having the minimal possible impact on the environment. 

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I've had the pleasure with working with so many gorgeous couples during my time as a wedding coordinator. Here are some wonderfully kind words from just a few.

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No matter which stage of your planning you are at, I'm more than happy to have a chat, answer any questions and see how I can help - please do not hesitate to get in touch. We can then look to arrange your free initial consultation before we head into the planning journey together. 

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